About us

We are ethically conscious & women-powered

Ethically Conscious Bikini Brand    

Finally, a swimwear brand that stands for something that truly matters. At Sinipesa Swim, we don’t prey on a woman’s hidden insecurities to make sales. We understand that our purpose has more depth than that. Transparency has been built into the heart of our brand...


because we're more than swimwear


That’s why we’ll keep everything real with you. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. If that scares you, well, it scares us too. Through our collaboration with luxe Italian fabric manufacturer ECONYL, we’re taking the same plastics that are polluting our oceans and transforming them into smooth recyclable fabrics. We’re taking action by doing what’s necessary to protect Mother Earth before it’s too late. 


 Each piece is ethically hand crafted with love and respect for the planet in a small factory in Los Angeles. Looking for a balance of minimalism, quality and versatility, our swimsuits are designed to mix and match on the beach and beyond.


As a brand that's built by women, it's especially concerning for us to witness the body image stigma that's been damaging our confidence level for years. We truly believe in size diversity and body positivity. By creating designs and using fabrics that flatter every body type, we're allowing women to take back their power and make conscious, confident and empowering decisions for themselves.


 Our love for the planet and our oceans run so deep that we can promise our transparency will remain true. Inspired in France, Italy and Spain, our swimsuits make the perfect travel partner. As you wear your Sinipesa bikini wherever you may be, we encourage you to recognize your own power and spread the love for our planet to the people inside.


Bon Voyage