We are Sinipesa Swim, a California-based sustainable swimwear brand, founded by Spanish designer Lucía Gómez. Alongside our all-female team, we create timeless designs with a French touch that flatter different body types and help women feel confident while also protecting the planet. Our core values:



Our mission is to do out part in reducing the amount of waste that enters the ocean, and we do so by creating our entire collection in Los Angeles with ECONYL® fabric: a 100% regenerated nylon fiber crafted from abandoned fishing nets and other types of plastic waste in our oceans. From production to packaging, protecting the Earth is our core value. 


Diversity & female empowerment

As a brand that is built by women, it is especially concerning for us to witness the body image stigma that's been damaging our confidence level for years. We truly believe in diversity and body positivity. By creating versatile swimsuits that flatter different body types, we are allowing women to feel powerful and sexy by falling in love with their own unique beauty, enhanced by our essential designs.


French aesthetic

Inspired by the French Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea, our swimsuits are intended for the strong, empowered woman; someone who is chic, feminine, original, in love with Mother Nature and not afraid to show some skin. Our swimwear offers a balance of French heritage, minimalism, quality, and versatility. And, they are designed to last.


As you wear your Sinipesa bikini wherever you may be, we encourage you to recognize your own power and spread the love for our planet to the people living in it.